Is my body telling me something??

I’ve been reading Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and I have to ask myself, “What is this on-going illness trying to tell me about my life??” (that’s an inside joke to anyone who has read this massive tome on how our thoughts and feelings come out in the illnesses and symptoms our bodies display). Seriously, though, I’m really tired of being […]

Happy Birthday to Me …

So, I’m officially 24 years old (that’s not a typo, is it??).  It’s feeling good to be back in my 20’s.  I’d forgotten how carefree and happy I was.  Why did I ever leave my 20’s?  I had it all figured out back then – I knew how to be the best mom and the best wife and keep my […]

Homeschooling – Andrew Wood style

So – I thought I’d update the homeschooling situation.  Here’s the schedule I came up with: 8:30-9:30  Morning housework 9:30-10:00  Scripture study/memorization 10:00-10:30  Math 10:30-10:45  Break/snack 10:45-11:00  Handwriting 11:00-12:00  Reading/Spelling/Grammar/Writing 12:00-1:00  Lunch Break 1:00-1:30  Independent reading 1:30-2:30  Science/Social Studies 2:30-2:45  Piano practice/lesson 2:45-3:00  Spanish 3:00-3:30  Enrichment subjects (art/computers) or finishing up work Tom thinks it is too long – and […]

Homeschooling, Me??

So, after a frustrating few months where Andrew has done less and less well at controlling his impulse to hit others when frustrated, and where school interventions (and home interventions) haven’t seemed to make the least bit of difference … We’re trying something new.  Andrew is going to begin homeschooling on Wednesday (school wants him to finish his CSAP testing […]