Happy Birthday to Me …

So, I’m officially 24 years old (that’s not a typo, is it??).  It’s feeling good to be back in my 20’s.  I’d forgotten how carefree and happy I was.  Why did I ever leave my 20’s?  I had it all figured out back then – I knew how to be the best mom and the best wife and keep my house perfectly and make excellent meals.  What have all these intervening years given me??

Seriously, it has been an uneventful day so far – the homeschooling thing has been a major downer today.   The novelty must have worn off, because Andrew has fought me tooth and nail today (and we’ve only gotten through math and handwriting).  Or maybe he just wants to ruin my “big day” (a little passive aggressive behavior maybe?)  Anyhow, I’ve had lots of people wish me well, which is so nice.  Last night Tom made chocolate souffles for my birthday (in lieu of a cake).  They were decadent and delicious and oh, so yummy!  I’m so lucky to have a husband who is such a good cook!  Lucky, lucky, lucky, I tell you!

A friend and I were talking recently about this stage of life – kids older, family busy, lots of random difficulties (unemployment, struggling children, midlife crises, etc.).  We decided that this is probably one of the more difficult times in a mom’s life.  But, just like when all the kids are little and you feel overwhelmed with diapers and feeding and middle-of-the-night chores, this time will pass too.  It just feels like it will last forever!!

I’m still in the opening stages of my 40’s, so I’m hopeful that the end of the decade will see me feeling more calm and wise – I’ll have a grown up child and two older teens – hopefully that will all be a good thing!  Here’s to the future!

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      Happy Birthday. Yeah, let me tell you about bummer birthdays. Actually it wasn’t such a bummer (the birthday itsself) it’s the stuff that came after.
      I know exactly what you mean about the novelty wearing off. I couldn’t keep up with it, so you’re ahead of me.
      Best wishes for your birthday and for homeschooling.

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      happy birthday, johanna!!! sorry i was such a slacker and didn’t get a phone call in to you today – i have no excuses other than i was busy unpacking the house 🙂 i hope you had a great day and i hope you had a fabulous night!! good luck with the homeschooling – tomorrow is a new day, right? love you!

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      Susan, I’m impressed you even considered doing it for an entire year. I’m just looking at mere weeks! I enjoyed talking to you yesterday, by the way!

      Erin, isn’t that the way it goes in our family? I’m even more of a slacker than you are – I completely forget birthdays all together! How are you liking your new place??

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