Is my body telling me something??

I’ve been reading Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and I have to ask myself, “What is this on-going illness trying to tell me about my life??” (that’s an inside joke to anyone who has read this massive tome on how our thoughts and feelings come out in the illnesses and symptoms our bodies display).

Seriously, though, I’m really tired of being sick – after two plus weeks of coughing, being exhausted, and just generally feeling yucky, I’m really ready to be healthy again.  There are things that I so need to do but just don’t have the energy to cope with.  I have such admiration for people who deal with chronic illness and pain and still manage to carry on with life.  I carry on – but with a large dose of murmuring and complaining!!

On another note, my kids (littles) are off-track (the joys of year round schooling – on and off track on a too-regular basis).  So I’m taking a break from homeschooling (mostly).  It’s kind of a relief – especially since all I really want to do is sleep…  and now Andrew and Haley can entertain themselves while I do so!  I am still doing a little “school” with both of them.  I bought Handwriting without Tears, which is a handwriting program developed by an occupational therapist (those are the people who work with fine motor skills).  Both my kids struggle with writing, so I figured it would be a good skill to work on while they are out of school.  We’re also going to read A Cricket in Times Square together.  Andrew has a spelling / grammar unit to make up over the break, based on this book, and I thought it would be fun to read together.  Although, we went to the Littleton Historical Museum yesterday (I’ve been promising for about three weeks now) and after seeing the display on Ralph Moody, I’m thinking I really want to read Little Britches with them.  (If you haven’t read Little Britches I highly recommend it!  A bit like the “Little House on the Prairie” series, but from a boy’s perspective and quite lively!)

I do have pictures to post – but I’d have to go find the camera and upload them – so maybe next time.  Our family drove out to Vernal last weekend for the wedding of Melanie Brady (Tom’s niece – youngest daughter of Rebecca).  The wedding was at the Vernal Temple, which is really beautiful and preserves that feeling of pioneer workmanship.  It was one of those “flying” trips – we drove over Friday evening (we couldn’t leave until Spencer finished his AP History exam), spent Saturday with wedding events (sealing, luncheon, reception), and then drove home Sunday.  Didn’t do much for my cold, obviously, but it was fun to be with family and share this big day with Melanie and Colby (the lucky groom).

Well – here’s to hoping the next time I post, I’ll be in tip-top form again!

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      I know we just talked on the phone, but it was good to read your post. I so wish we lived closer so I could help with the kids and give you a break. Hope that you can really get some sleep and give your body a chance to get back to healthy normal. I hope you get the photos of our getaway on the blog. All the ones I took were awful because I didn’t have the flash on. I need to use that camera more often so I know what to do. Dad would love to see better shots of our weekend. Stay in touch and remember that we love you. MOM

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      Let me take the kids from you another day next week. Let me know what day would be the best.

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