As a teenager I harbored dreams of becoming a writer (what is more natural for a book-a-holic like me, right?).  I’ve dabbled on and off with writing – but less and less as I’ve gotten older.  Still, every once in awhile I get hit with a bit of inspiration – a turn of the phrase or a way of saying something that I like.  I thought I’d make a page for my scribbling.


26 May 2015

He loved her so 
she loved him.
They built a life
on kisses
and fights
and tears
and laughter.
And then, when that life was 
looking pretty grand,
He was suddenly gone 
and she was left.

30 March 2015

All at once
your absence shocks me
out of the dull
acceptance I have
slipped into.
I don’t understand.
You live so
in my heart and head
that I
can’t grasp
the idea that
you are

26 March 2015

There are no words
that are enough —
I find myself caught
in an echoing chorus.
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you …
A paltry expression
but all I can think
and nothing to do with the
need for you.

30 August 2011

Drunk with exhaustion
I stretch out on cool sheets
soft fur feline curled at my feet
Muscles sigh and sink into rest
Brain darts around
finding dark
gone —

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      You have inherited your grandmother’s love and gift for writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Missing doesn’t get any easier; I understand this all too well. Glad that you are having wonderful experiences with family.

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