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Memorial day was an exciting one in our family.  Spencer went skating with some buddies and had an accident – got himself a nice concussion and a case of short term memory loss.  I can joke about it (a little) now, but at the time it was totally freaking me out.  He hit his head after falling backwards off his board and falling on the ramp, head first.  According to his friends, he didn’t get knocked out – he got up saying his head really hurt.  Fortunately one of his friend’s mom was there and she brought him right home.  But before they even got him home he had begun asking over and over what had happened.  He was pretty upset and kept saying the same things over and over.  It was pretty disconcerting.  Tom gave him a blessing and then I drove him to Urgent Care who promptly sent him on to the emergency room for a CT scan.  During all this time he continued to ask the same questions, would not be distracted, and couldn’t remember anything short term – not even that school had ended or what time of the year it was.  Very weird.  Fortunately, the CT scan came back normal and they sent us home with instructions to watch for worsening signs.  Within a few hours Spencer was pretty much back to normal, except for a headache and discoveries of other parts of his body that hurt (shoulder, hip, jaw).  There aren’t any bruises anywhere else, but it wasn’t just his head that hit the ground.

Aside from Spencer’s drama, earlier in the week Andrew finally had his appointment with the psychiatrist.  We got some news that we were sort of expecting but had hoped to avoid.  Andrew’s on a new medication (no more ADD meds for now) and if all goes well, we should see some major improvement – but I’m not holding my breath because we started school again today and he has been an absolute nightmare. He has done nothing but complain, cry, tantrum, and refuse to work.  I’m at my wit’s end.  I hope today is so miserable for him that he makes some different choices tomorrow – otherwise there will be some serious time out happening (on my side!!).

Haley has been her sweet self – she has played non-stop since school let out three weeks ago.  She just flits around the neighborhood, riding her scooter, swinging on the monkey bars, playing dolls, coloring, and just generally enjoying her free time.  She was a little sad to go back to school today, but then again – all her friends are there, so that is a good thing!

I’ve been trying to catch up on housework and laundry.  And I keep thinking, “why don’t I get more done around here?”  It’s frustrating.  And then I get feeling discouraged and just don’t do anything at all, which only gets me further behind.  I’m having a hard time living in the moment – I keep thinking ahead to when things will “settle down” or “get better” and that is exactly what put me in a therapist’s office two years ago.  It’s hard to know how to stay balanced when things feel like crisis mode.  At least it is summer (which is my best season) and just the warm weather and sunshine make me feel good at random times.

Anyhow – not much of a post, but at least it’s something.  And if I can get my last project finished up in Haley’s room, I’ll post some pictures of the room re-dos I did in my kids’ rooms this spring.

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