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Pottery Class

Four years ago (hard to believe it has been that long) I asked Haley if she was interested in taking a teen/parent pottery class. I liked the idea of doing something creative and entertaining together, since so much of our … Continue reading

28. October 2020 by tjsjohanna
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In my study of the New Testament last week, I read the last chapters of the gospels, where the Savior resurrected and was seen of the disciples. Matthew recounts that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were at the tomb … Continue reading

02. July 2019 by tjsjohanna
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Going back to school … sort of

In January my boss suggested I should get my real estate broker’s license and offered to pay for the the education hours (168 in the state of Colorado). Although I have mostly just worked for his boat and RV storage … Continue reading

30. June 2019 by tjsjohanna
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Sticking with a routine

Four years ago I remodeled the master bath – new tile floors, new vanity, especially new shower space. The old shower had a built in bench that caused a leak down into the kitchen below. It also had a standard … Continue reading

11. May 2019 by tjsjohanna
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The girl inside me

You know how sometimes you are thinking about one thing and then you find yourself wandering down paths far from the original topic?  Maybe it’s just me … I was thinking about how once in awhile Tom would call me … Continue reading

19. March 2019 by tjsjohanna
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Writing and remembering

Someone asked me recently if I ever dreamed of Tom.  Off hand I would have answered that I really didn’t.  I would have guessed that I’ve only had a couple of dreams of him in the four years he’s been … Continue reading

11. March 2019 by tjsjohanna
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Mourning with those who mourn

Two weeks ago my brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly.  His is not the first death of someone close since Tom died, but it maybe hits a little closer to home, since Richard was relatively young and his death was unexpected. The … Continue reading

02. March 2019 by tjsjohanna
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“WITH you it’s different”

It’s been four and a half years since Tom passed away.  Just writing that seems unreal.  It is hard for me to believe that he has been gone so long.  Much of the grief of his passing has tempered with … Continue reading

17. February 2019 by tjsjohanna
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“Great things never came from comfort zones”

Roy T Bennet said it, and intellectually I know it, but comfort zones are awfully safe, even if they aren’t always enjoyable. Growing up a Navy Brat, change was an ever present part of my life: new home, new school, … Continue reading

03. February 2019 by tjsjohanna
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  If Facebook is any indicator, November is the month for public gratitudes.  My feed is filled with posts expressing thanks for wonderful spouses, loving children, inspiring parents, great jobs, etc.  Often the person posting expresses the thought that these … Continue reading

07. November 2018 by tjsjohanna
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