Almost twenty years ago I got a call from Tom. I still remember I was weeding a flower bed. Bluntly he told me he’d been laid off (a result of the post 9/11 downturn in the economy). I remember feeling shocked – the foundations of our newly established life in Denver suddenly feeling shaky. My mind whirled into gear, thinking […]

Getting old …

I love this song by Paul Simon… My favorite thing about the song is the perspective it puts on the process of aging. I’ve been thinking about getting older – mainly because my body keeps shouting at me in unfamiliar ways. I look in the mirror in the morning and there are wrinkles that didn’t used to be there (and […]

An Austen Project

I read an article recently that rated Jane Austen’s leading men (in the movies). It was a light-hearted and funny look at the good guys and the bad guys. But it got me thinking. I’ve read all the novels but seen only a few of the various movie adaptations. Suddenly I want to see the films – all the films! […]

The Christmas Spirit

What is the Christmas spirit to you? I think the answers would be as varied as the people who answered. For some the festive atmosphere in all the shops says “Christmas” while for others the simple nativity instills that feeling of celebration. A beautifully decorated home or volunteering at a homeless shelter might invite that spirit for still others. This […]

Tall Two Year Olds

“Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds.” – JoJo Jensen Do you remember when you were young and you could sleep anywhere? Seriously, when I was young I could sleep soundly on the floor and wake up chipper and pain free. It didn’t matter what kind of mattress was on a bed (soft, hard, in between) and half the […]

Pottery Class

Four years ago (hard to believe it has been that long) I asked Haley if she was interested in taking a teen/parent pottery class. I liked the idea of doing something creative and entertaining together, since so much of our daily life revolved around school and work and housekeeping. She agreed and we spent the next four Saturdays learning how […]

Mixing things up

I still remember the excitement when my parents would rearrange the furniture in my room. It couldn’t have happened all that often because we moved every couple of years or so, but I have vivid memories of lying down in bed and seeing the room from a different perspective – and that moment of disorientation when I woke up the […]

Bathroom Renovation

You know that saying “you’ve bitten off more than you can chew”? or “your eyes were bigger than your stomach”? Well, this is how I feel about the bathroom renovation I just completed. I knew it would be a decent amount of work. I have actually done pretty much all of the renovation tasks before, either by myself or with […]


In my study of the New Testament last week, I read the last chapters of the gospels, where the Savior resurrected and was seen of the disciples. Matthew recounts that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were at the tomb when an angel rolled back the stone and announced that the Savior had resurrected. He told them to go to […]

Going back to school … sort of

In January my boss suggested I should get my real estate broker’s license and offered to pay for the the education hours (168 in the state of Colorado). Although I have mostly just worked for his boat and RV storage company, my boss is actually a commercial real state broker who mainly does commercial real estate development, so it isn’t […]