I’d better not be sick again …

So, here it is, 1:30 am, and I’m awake and coughing and totally disgusted.  I was sooo tired tonight, and of course the kids were up late because we were going to watch the fireworks (which didn’t apparently get rained out, but we went home before they started because it was POURING).  Anyhow, the children FINALLY went to bed and […]

Is my body telling me something??

I’ve been reading Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and I have to ask myself, “What is this on-going illness trying to tell me about my life??” (that’s an inside joke to anyone who has read this massive tome on how our thoughts and feelings come out in the illnesses and symptoms our bodies display). Seriously, though, I’m really tired of being […]

Quick Thoughts …

So, I’ve been having trouble finding a theme that works.  I noticed, after about a week, that the last theme wouldn’t let me post comments!  What good is a blog if people can’t comment???  For now I’m back to a theme I know works.  Just wish it was a little cuter, or something … On the very last leg of […]

Will we Ever be well again??

I have to report that I am STILL SICK. You might have noticed that I made a post about being sick back in November.  Well, I had a brief reprieve in CA – my coughing never went away, but I felt better.  As soon as we got back to Denver I went back to bed and stayed there for 72 […]


I don’t really have much to say – but I’m trying not to leave the blog idle!  I have been trying to do some christmas preparations – i finally decided what I was doing for my siblings, but I’m still thinking about tom’s siblings – although I think I might have made a decision.  I’ve been trying to make lists […]