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On the Road Again …

I spent the better part of today driving.  The day did not start out pretty.  I woke up to SNOW (which is never a good sign when you are planning a road trip).  And this was the third morning in … Continue reading

11. May 2011 by Johanna
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The Great Snow Day Hoax

So we had snowy weather forecast for late Monday and into the afternoon of Tuesday, along with freakishly (for Denver anyway) cold temps. Monday afternoon was not fun, I will admit. I had to take Andrew to a Drs. appt … Continue reading

01. February 2011 by Johanna
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Snowing …

It’s snowing today and as I was driving Spencer to seminary this morning I thought, “snow is so magical” – which got me thinking.  What is it about snow that seems so magical to me?  After all, it’s frozen water, … Continue reading

08. February 2010 by Johanna
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This Morning

Here’s what we woke up to this morning… I guess winter is making an early appearance.  Good thing I cleaned out half the garage – no scraping snow & ice off my car now!!

22. October 2009 by Johanna
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It’s Snowing Again!

Despite the prodigious amounts of snow that fell last week, the snow was pretty much gone by Saturday (gotta love Denver weather!) and now we’re having another snowy day (though the forecast is for a measly 2-6 inches).  I personally … Continue reading

01. April 2009 by Johanna
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