It’s Snowing Again!

Despite the prodigious amounts of snow that fell last week, the snow was pretty much gone by Saturday (gotta love Denver weather!) and now we’re having another snowy day (though the forecast is for a measly 2-6 inches).  I personally am glad to have the snow – I’ve missed it this winter – but it is a little odd in April.

On a completely different note, Tom and I decided we had waited long enough to tile the garden window in our kitchen.  So Tom pulled out the belt sander and evened out the “floor” while I broke up left over tile from previous projects.  Along the way we figured out how to remove the windows from their tracks (so we can paint them).  Then we laid out a wavy line of tumbled glass and flat glass “beads” (the kind you use in vases – I think).  Then we laid out the mud – set our border tiles out – and commenced creativity.  Most of the “floor” is laid in prosaic blue and tannish tile pieces (those familiar with our home will recognize the fireplace surround and our bathroom floors!) but there are the shiny pieces along the path and randomly around the rest of the surface.  When we’ve finished the whole thing (grouted – etc) we’ll take pictures – but for now – we’ll leave you all in SUSPENSE!!  The nice thing about this home improvement project is that it was absolutely FREE.  All the supplies were left overs from our previous projects (with the exception of the glass which I purchased probably a year ago with this project in mind – when they were on sale, no less).  So we can feel virtuous in our lean times.

Speaking of which – Tom has been busy applying for various jobs.  He’s had a couple of call-backs.  One for a job that didn’t really match his skills and one for a great job that later that afternoon was “put on hold”.  Typical.  Anyhow – it’s a discouraging process but hopefully it won’t drag on too long.  We’re having some “eating out” withdrawal pains – but this, I figure, is a good thing.  We have eaten out much too much in the past, so this forced eating at home will hopefully put in place some better habits.

Well, I’m going to go enjoy the snow – perfect weather for curling up with the cat and a good book!

01. April 2009 by Johanna
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  1. hurry and finish! or at least hurry and post pictures!!! i want to see!!! 🙂 awesome job keeping it all free – you are so my inspiration 🙂 can’t wait for the pics.

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