The Great Snow Day Hoax

So we had snowy weather forecast for late Monday and into the afternoon of Tuesday, along with freakishly (for Denver anyway) cold temps. Monday afternoon was not fun, I will admit. I had to take Andrew to a Drs. appt about 20 minutes away (in good weather). Because of the very slick roads and snow it took me closer to an hour. And it was COLD! On the way home from said appt. we heard on the radio that Douglas County schools had canceled school for Tuesday – yes, by 6pm on Monday night the schools had already made the decision.
Snow stopped falling sometime around 8pm last night. I woke to a sunny (but cold) morning. No snow has fallen so far. Skies have stayed pretty sunny. And I have three kids at home?!? And there is maybe a half inch of snow on the ground outside. It is cold and the roads are still pretty slick – still … are we wimps or what??
It’s a hoax, I tell you …

01. February 2011 by Johanna
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  1. you are so funny 🙂 i loved your title for this post. send them out to the park 🙂 can’t wait to see you!

  2. I know–so funny, huh?! But on the DCSD website they say it’s because it’s too cold for kids to stand and wait for the bus or for kids to walk to school. Hmmm….

    I’m just glad I wasn’t planning on going anywhere today!

  3. Not like Maine, huh. Remember getting up and listening to the radio to see if it was a snow day? I can’t wait to see you either.

  4. LOL Johanna. Its funny to me because I felt soo happy to know that the next morning I didnt have to get up and ready and especially drive out and get Ben out in the cold to school. I agree though, it was just cold. No mayor snow storm or anything.

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