Snowing …

It’s snowing today and as I was driving Spencer to seminary this morning I thought, “snow is so magical” – which got me thinking.  What is it about snow that seems so magical to me?  After all, it’s frozen water, and I don’t think rain is magical at all!  I thought back to when I was a kid, growing up in mostly warm climates (Hawaii, Texas, California).  I remember how exciting it was when we would visit my grandparents in Utah and there would be SNOW!  When our family moved to Maine, snow was the most exciting thing about that first winter.  It was cold, to be sure, but there was oodles of the white stuff.  We made forts and tunnels and had snowball fights and went sledding and skiing.  It was everything fun about winter.  Some part of me is still responding to snow in that same child-like way.  I see snow falling out of the sky and it transforms my day.

08. February 2010 by Johanna
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  1. my favorite “feeling” about snow and its magic is the way mom would wake us up early in the morning just to come look out the window – “erin! get up! it snowed!!” so much fun.

  2. I still love the snow. I love looking out the back sliding door with the outside floodlights on and seeing the pristine whiteness contrasted with the night. It makes me think that Heavenly Father has just baptised this part of his creation.

  3. i like snow, but only in extremely large doses. its like the chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie. give me 3 times what the recipe calls for or none at all. anything less than a foot is just a tease.

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