Spring Break

So many thoughts floating around in my head … Spent last week with my parents in Monroe, Utah. Took my two youngest since they were on spring break. My sisters, Erin and Cynthia joined the party too. It was fun to watch our kids play together. I especially enjoyed the four year olds – they were “adorable” as my daughter […]

Random Stuff

Kids are downstairs watching “The Aristocats”. I love that movie! No super scary villain and those kittens are so cute … Tom’s gone to the Priesthood Session of General Conference (want to know more? Go here.)   Sadly, we all kindof forgot this was conference weekend and Spencer didn’t ask for it off, so he’s at work.  I realized that […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

This past weekend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its Semi-Annual General Conference. During five 2-hour meetings over the course of Saturday and Sunday, leaders of the Church (including the prophet and the twelve apostles) gave talks on various topics relating to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the talk […]

Johanna – Conference Weekend

Well, we’ve made it through another conference weekend, and all children are alive!  I made conference bags with stuff to do for each of the kids – the stuff lasted about one and half hours and then Andy started crying because we wouldn’t let him get up and leave.  Fun times at our house!  Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this […]