Johanna – Conference Weekend

Well, we’ve made it through another conference weekend, and all children are alive!  I made conference bags with stuff to do for each of the kids – the stuff lasted about one and half hours and then Andy started crying because we wouldn’t let him get up and leave.  Fun times at our house!  Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this conference.  There were some great talks and I came away feeling so grateful for the apostles and the prophet – for their varied personalities, for their humor, and kindness, and willingness to address serious topics in such careful ways.  I’m grateful, like Pres. Eyring, for belonging to the true and living church.

Tom and I have been working on the upstairs hall bathroom.  We tiled the floor, and then replaced the counter top with one of those integrated sink jobbies – oh and replaced the toilet (yeah, this all started because we had a perpetually running toilet which we couldn’t easily fix because somebody had the brilliant idea of extending the counter top across the top of the toilet).  And we needed to replace the sinks because the porcelain  had chipped off the cast iron sinks and there were big  rusted spots inside and continually shedding  chips in all the drawers from the underside.  So, it took us a whole week, but it looks really good.  I will try to post some pictures this week.  Next up is our bathroom.  We really only need to tile the bathroom floor.  We’d like to replace the counter top in our room as well, but it could probably wait for awhile.  So next weekend I’m guessing we’ll be hard at work again!
I visited a couple of elementary schools this week.  Since Spencer is on a traditional calendar schedule, we decided it would be easier if our younger kids were on the same schedule.  Littleton School District doesn’t run their schools on a year-round schedule, so we are trying to get our kids open enrolled there.  Both schools I visited are pretty old – built in the 50’s and 60’s.  They definitely had a character missing in our schools – all built on the same architectural plans.  The second school I visited was pretty small – 2 classrooms of each grade – which is similar to the school Spencer attended as a kindergartener.  I really liked the feel of that school and would be happy if Andy & Haley were able to go to school there.
Well – this is a long post, but hopefully will give you all a feel for the week.  Pictures hopefully in the next post!

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      anonymous (unverified): Johanna you are so ambitious. I never made special things for our family to do for conference. As Dad said, conference was especially good this time. Good luck with enrollment for Haley and Andrew. Look forward to pics on the blog. Mom
      Apr 8, 2008, 10:14 AM (UTC -4)

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