Johanna – Hilton Head, SC – part 2

So, we’re on day five here in Hilton Head.  Yesterday Tom and I actually went swimming in the ocean (for some reason, no one gets in the ocean.  Maybe sharks?  Anyway, we did it and nothing happened, so either everyone is super cautious or people just don’t like the ocean).  Here are some pictures of the view. Last night we […]

Johanna – Hilton Head, SC

So, we’re here in gorgeous South Carolina on Hilton Head Island.  It is so beautiful.  We are staying at the Marriot Grande Ocean Resort (see Marriot Grand Ocean Resort for the home page).  We’ve been sleeping in, walking on the beach, eating great food, and just enjoying being here.  I promise to upload some pictures soon. P.S. I played around […]

Johanna – Utah trip

Well, I don’t have any photos to upload (yes, I did bring my camera but no, I have not taken it out of the bag yet!!), but I thought I would give a little update on what we’ve been doing (we being me, Haley, and Andy).  We left Colorado Wednesday morning – uneventful ride – we listened to “Henry Huggins” […]

Johanna – My 40th! Birthday

So, I’m officially 40 years old now!  It was a crazy day.  I spent the whole morning like so: 7-9am – clean up the kids rooms and the upstairs bathroom (with help from the kids) 9:30am – take Andy to piano lessons 10:30am – take Haley to her soccer game and co-coach the game (we won! and Haley made a […]

Johanna – Design on a Dime

Click for fullsize So, I tried to post this earlier and had trouble with pictures and then lost my whole post. It’s been a few days, so I thought I’d try it again. Three weeks ago we redid the upstairs bathroom (see first post for a little bit about why). So now we’re working on the bathroom in our bedroom. […]

Johanna – Conference Weekend

Well, we’ve made it through another conference weekend, and all children are alive!  I made conference bags with stuff to do for each of the kids – the stuff lasted about one and half hours and then Andy started crying because we wouldn’t let him get up and leave.  Fun times at our house!  Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this […]


Well, we’re going to try a blog – bowing to pressure from family to “get with the program!”  Spencer requested that we blog here at free webs because he knows how to program web pages, but not so much blogger.  He still hasn’t given us the tutorial on how to upload pictures, so we’re handicapped.  But I’m sure we’ll get […]