Mixing things up

I still remember the excitement when my parents would rearrange the furniture in my room. It couldn’t have happened all that often because we moved every couple of years or so, but I have vivid memories of lying down in bed and seeing the room from a different perspective – and that moment of disorientation when I woke up the […]


In my study of the New Testament last week, I read the last chapters of the gospels, where the Savior resurrected and was seen of the disciples. Matthew recounts that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were at the tomb when an angel rolled back the stone and announced that the Savior had resurrected. He told them to go to […]

Yard Work

I just spent two plus hours pulling weeds in my yard – mostly out of the lawn itself.  I meant to get up early (like 6am early) when it would be cool.  But a late night conversation meant I groggily woke up about 9am when the air coming through my window was hot.  Still, it had to be done.  Gathering […]

Cleaning tip

So about two years ago I had the master bathroom remodeled.  You might remember?  The old shower door (and probably the existing tile too, though it wasn’t clear) looked like this- (Not my actual door because I wouldn’t want a picture like this normally!) Periodically I would try to scrub it clean with various promising products and then with plain […]

March already??

How did February get by me??  Well, actually I know the answer to that.  I’ve been up to my neck in DIY projects – painting, installing new baseboards, painting, changing out electrical plugs & switches (and pinning down the puzzle that is my breaker box), painting, decluttering, oh and did I mention painting?!?  Good thing I’m a believer in pan […]


Chairs are done!  Thanks to my mom who helped me fix a major mistake and then sewed my pillow covers together. I did finish the seat cushion covers and I’m not giving you a close up! The room is coming together. Now to sew throw pillows…. Three years later! Our other update… At least one egg has hatched.  There’s a […]

A little DIY – how novel!

It’s been awhile since I posted any DIY stuff – mostly because I haven’t been doing any.  I feel lucky to keep the laundry going and feed Haley and myself, since mostly I just want to lay on my bed and read!  But I recently made a somewhat snap decision to give Spencer and Kayla one of my couches which […]

Quick Fix

Eight years ago, when we moved into our present home, we bought our first set of grown up furniture for our living room (translation: not hand me downs or thrift store finds). We’ve loved the leather couch, love seat, and chair that we purchased. They are a small scale, have classic lines, and have held up well. Except for the […]

Home Improvement by Necessity

I came home from work yesterday to the concerned story Haley had to tell of the large, rusty puddle in the furnace room. The water heater had given up the ghost! We were pretty sure it was on its last legs, because we were lucky to get a couple of showers out of a tank in the morning. But yesterday […]

Kitchen Organizing, take 2

A few years ago, I purchased a very large number of spice bottles, carefully labeled them, transferred the contents of numerous containers of all shapes and sizes, and proclaimed our spice collection suitably organized. Since I don’t do a lot of cooking, I found the system completely functional and satisfying to my need for order.  Tom, on the other hand, […]