Johanna – My 40th! Birthday

So, I’m officially 40 years old now!  It was a crazy day.  I spent the whole morning like so:
7-9am – clean up the kids rooms and the upstairs bathroom (with help from the kids)
9:30am – take Andy to piano lessons
10:30am – take Haley to her soccer game and co-coach the game (we won! and Haley made a goal! from a pass  – which we have been working on in practices)
11:45 – take Andy to buy a birthday gift and then drop him at his birthday party
12:30-2pm – clean the house and do laundry – this includes cleaning out all the tools that we have had in our bedroom due to the on-going tiling project
2:15pm – pick up Andy
3:30pm – finally get a shower and sit down to relax a little
5pm – people start arriving for the party that Tom threw me (with much insistence on my part!!)

The Party
People who came:  Trav, Jen, & kids; Alex, Cynthia, & kid; Andrew, Sarah, & kids; The Driggs, The Scott Robinsons, The Jay Robinsons, The Wagners, Amy & Grace Wilson, Bonnie Olnowich.  It was great!!  I had such a good time visiting with everyone and I really appreciated that everyone came.  Tom asked people to dress in 60’s style – and people actually did it!!
The food: There was yummy punch (thanks Cynthia) and fruits and veggies and cheese and crackers, and Tom’s famous “bang bang shrimp” (a Bonefish knockoff), and also his famous salsa and queso (also a knockoff of Chiles).  Everything was great – thanks to all who brought food to share.
The cake: So, I found this picture at Walmart of a beautiful cake that I decided I wanted to have for my birthday.  But I wanted Tom to make it, since the original serves 170 and we obviously didn’t have that many people at the party.  So Tom did some figuring of how to use the pans we own to make this cake.  Then he got to work Friday night while I was at my bookclub.  When I got home he was ready to start assembling and icing.  Yeah – I helped ice my cake!!  What can I say?  I have a steady hand.  We iced all three layers and then (at midnight) went to bed.  Tom assembled and decorated Sat. morning while I was running around.  It looked amazingly like the one in the picture (but sadly we did not take out our camera during the party so I have NO pictures).
The gifts: Tom & kids surprised me with the Cricut.  Tom and I had watched an infomercial about this product and I was totally convinced I wanted it.  So, I’m excited to get started – I’ll let you know how I like it and what I’ve been able to do with it. 

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      erin (unverified): i watched the same infomercial during december and was almost convinced i needed it too smile i’m so jealous! let me know how you like it and maybe it will be on my birthday list smile
      Apr 21, 2008, 01:45 PM (UTC -4)

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