A Book to Check Out

I’ve been reading this book Don’t get caught with your skirt down : a practical girl’s recession guide by Jill Keto.  There’s a lot of straight talking about becoming economically self-sufficient and “recession-proof”.  Haven’t quite finished it, but I highly recommend it for anyone who’s looking to cut expenses.  Most of it is practical stuff that you have probably heard […]

A New Blog to Check Out

So, I’ve tried for years to get Tom to post on the family blog – but for whatever reasons he’s a no show here.  But he has finally decided to enter the game and you can find his blog at Schadenfreudessister (don’t ask!).  Also, you will not find his name anywhere – he has created an alternate identity (if you […]

100 truths – Compliments of my sister Erin

So – I read Erin’s post on her blog at the right time of day and decided I’d actually act on her tag (i think this is the first time ever!!) 1. Real name: Johanna Cottle Wood 2. Nickname: A few people have called me Jo, but generally I don’t have one (except for an “oldie” – Johanna, banana) 3. […]

A Little Bragging

So, most people don’t read the letters to the editor in magazines.  But – I do.  And though I have never written one myself, this fall I was inspired to write TWO and marvel of marvels, they have both been published (see – no one reads them, hence, no one writes in!).  If you want to see for yourself, take […]

Things I Love About Christmas

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting Christmas letters!  I love hearing about everyone’s news and how their year has been.  Sure, some letters might be a little boastful, but mostly they are newsy and funny and creative and make me feel connected to friends that I don’t otherwise have much contact with.  Keep them coming, people!! Another […]

Johanna – What’s New?

So, we’ve been home a week and what a week it has been.  Last Saturday we gathered together to see Andy get baptized.  I’m not sure what, if anything, he got out of the event – but we are hopeful!!  The younger kids are still punishing Tom & I for being gone a week.  They are all over the place […]

Spencer – New Layout (again)

Well the other one had so many issues that I couldn’t stop myself from making another one.  The layout is based heavily on the web monkey website http://www.webmonkey.com/ Anyways, i know that my website has been down a lot lately, well i will be switching hosting within the next 48 hours, so by then it should be stable (for those […]


Well, we’re going to try a blog – bowing to pressure from family to “get with the program!”  Spencer requested that we blog here at free webs because he knows how to program web pages, but not so much blogger.  He still hasn’t given us the tutorial on how to upload pictures, so we’re handicapped.  But I’m sure we’ll get […]