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My brother, Alex, got a JOB!

So, this gives me hope – my brother Alex, got laid off a couple of months ago and he got a job today!  We just have to stay positive and pray hard! and look hard! for work.  Tom’s been going … Continue reading

02. April 2009 by Johanna
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It’s Snowing Again!

Despite the prodigious amounts of snow that fell last week, the snow was pretty much gone by Saturday (gotta love Denver weather!) and now we’re having another snowy day (though the forecast is for a measly 2-6 inches).  I personally … Continue reading

01. April 2009 by Johanna
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Here we go again …

Tom called me yesterday afternoon on his way home – he has been laid off.  We have mixed feelings.  On the one hand, no one wants to be out of work – and we say that from experience.  On the … Continue reading

28. March 2009 by Johanna
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