Coping with Change

Back in 2002 (I think), when Tom called to tell me that his job had ended, I had a flood of worries fill my mind. How would we pay our bills? What would we live on? How long would it take Tom to find a job? What should I do? That’s only a small sample of the questions I had.
I don’t always go immediately to prayer when I have a problem, but in this case I did. And one of the impressions I had was to read Section 25 of the Doctrine and Covenants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (A book regarded as scripture by members of said church). This section is a revelation to Emma Smith, wife of Joseph Smith. There are specific instructions to her that obviously don’t apply to me, but there were some good instructions about the responsibilities of wives in relationship to their husbands. For example, ” the office of thy calling shall be for a comfort unto … thy husband, in his afflictions, with consoling words, in the spirit of meekness.”
In the weeks that followed I thought about the counsel I read, considering how I could be a comfort, how I could beware of pride, how I didn’t need to fear. At a time when many relationships falter under the pressures that come with such uncertainty and economic stress, our relationship grew stronger. I learned to let go of my need to be in control and to trust that Tom could manage his own part in this challenge.
I thought this experience was all about making my marriage better. But actually it has taught me that when big changes come, getting counsel from God, taking time to ponder, and then putting into practice is a good way to handle any new challenge. Actually, I’m sure this is a good way to handle even small, day to day challenges. I usually think I don’t need extra help for the little things. But maybe that’s why the little things are so hard to manage! Food for thought…

14. November 2014 by tjsjohanna
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