What’s Going On?

Is this what all my two readers are wondering?? I know that when my favorite bloggers go quiet I certainly start wondering.

In my case, I’ve just been too lazy to blog – or too busy, can’t decide! We are in our final weekend until school starts again and I’m actually feeling a little sad because there were a few things I hoped to do with my kids that we didn’t get around to. Still, we closed up vacation with a terrific party (which I’m saving for my next post – complete with pictures!)

Here’s a list of the things we did this short five weeks of summer vacation:

  • enjoyed UA Theaters summer film program twice ($1 movies are awesome!)
  • made a craft at Michaels Crafts (should have done this more …)
  • went to the street market – lots of goodies to browse and real goodies to eat (kettle corn, anyone??)
  • hung out at the fountains park – water, picnic, sunshine – the perfect summer day!
  • cooled off with real Hawaiian shaved ice, thanks to our cousins’ summer stand – and a turn on their water slide too!
  • camped with our Denver Cottle family – Capture the Flag was definitely a highlight!
  • watched Highlands Ranch’s 4th of July parade and BBQ – so glad to be American!
  • camped with our Wood family (50 or so of us!!) in Utah – the kids were in serious heaven with cousins and food and lots of space to explore.
  • watched the final Harry Potter movie (sob) and were simultaneously excited (to have it finally come out) and sad (to see the story end).
  • got wet at the most fabulous private pool that I have ever seen – thanks to Tom’s sister who made the arrangements (and the sunburn is still lingering …)
  • golfed – a lot (but just Tom & Spencer) – thanks especially to Johanna’s dad for always being willing to head out to the links!
  • celebrated Utah’s Pioneer Day – took me back to my childhood when I used to visit my grandparents in Monroe, UT and watch the parade outside their front door.

Honestly, I’m kindof tired and being back on a regular schedule will probably be kindof nice.  But what a lot of nice memories we have to look back on…

Now I guess I’d better finish up the “back-to-school” shopping – but then again, if they don’t bring their Clorox wipes the first day the world probably won’t end, right??

3 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

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      Sounds like you exceeded your goal of doing fun things this summer
      You are an awesome mom!

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      Gosh, that was a short holiday…do they start back mid August? Mine don’t go back until September so still have some more sunshine filled days to go. We all want a perfect Enid Blyton hol for our children and I think sometimes we try too hard. A game of cards as a family, an evening out doing something different ( we are star gazing tonight with telescopes/cable car trip). Doesn’t have to cost a lot, it is about you being with the kids and the kids with you. Happy hols to you, enjoy those last few days.

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      Love your blog, keep posting cause I need to read it!!! Wish your sibs would get back on track.

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