This and That

Well, in our home summer has come to an end – the kids are back in school.  Here are some of the highlights of the season. Camping – Haley and I went to our church girls camp.  It was Haley’s first camp since she moved to the teen church group.  She had a terrific time – she was the first […]

What’s Going On?

Is this what all my two readers are wondering?? I know that when my favorite bloggers go quiet I certainly start wondering. In my case, I’ve just been too lazy to blog – or too busy, can’t decide! We are in our final weekend until school starts again and I’m actually feeling a little sad because there were a few […]

I’m still alive!

It’s been a slow six weeks since Christmas (or is that closer to eight weeks?).  We’re not doing anything exciting like training for a marathon! or finishing up our last semester of school or anything remotely interesting.  So it’s hard to know what to post (and I’m pretty miserable at posting pictures!).  One newsworthy thing occurred last weekend – Spencer […]