(Almost) Four Months

Wow – I’ve been absent here almost long enough to just abandon the whole thing… What happened from April to now?  Well…  here’s a list: Haley finished her first year of high school – Yay!!  And her grades were significantly better than her last year of middle school or even her first semester as a freshman.  I’m really proud of […]

Summer Challenge

I feel like I need to challenge myself to either write more here, or give up the blog. So I’m going to challenge myself to post weekly this summer and see how it goes. I’m hoping to do some fun things with my kids (instead of just working and keeping the house together) so maybe these weekly posts will keep […]

What’s Going On?

Is this what all my two readers are wondering?? I know that when my favorite bloggers go quiet I certainly start wondering. In my case, I’ve just been too lazy to blog – or too busy, can’t decide! We are in our final weekend until school starts again and I’m actually feeling a little sad because there were a few […]

Johanna – Summer Trip to Utah

Well, we’re in Monroe, Utah for a quick visit with family.  We left Denver on Friday afternoon and pulled into town about 1am Saturday morning.  Mom had a nice room set up for Andrew & Haley to sleep in – but did they sleep?  Oh no — they stayed up all night long, dragging enough toys into the room to […]