What’s Going On?

Is this what all my two readers are wondering?? I know that when my favorite bloggers go quiet I certainly start wondering. In my case, I’ve just been too lazy to blog – or too busy, can’t decide! We are in our final weekend until school starts again and I’m actually feeling a little sad because there were a few […]

4th of July Trip to Utah

Tuesday morning Tom called me at work to say that his contract had ended (at least for now) and what did I think about going out to Utah for the 4th of July holiday?  I wasn’t happy to get this call – I wanted this contract to last longer and I didn’t think I wanted to make such a short […]

Johanna -4th of July

We (well, really I, since Tom never does post) haven’t said much lately, so I guess it’s time to update again!  Yesterday (after sleeping in – yea!) Tom and I got busy getting ready to host a BBQ for Alex, Andrew & families.  Tom made a HUGE batch of his famous salsa.  I did a quick run-through of the house […]