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This month I have been working on getting things done that I’ve been putting off.  Like buying a new car …

Here’s a list of the things I’ve done so far:

  • fixed the leaky faucet in the kids’ bathroom (this has been leaking for at least six months …)
  • finished the painting project that I started back in October (the living room and upstairs hallway are now officially complete)
  • cleaned out the bookcase in the family room (part of making room for the t.v. we got for Christmas)
  • fixed the humidifier (really all we had to do there was replace the filter – easy fix!)
  • cleaned up the pantry/storage closet in the basement (I wish I had before and after pictures!  I have been piling stuff in the closet on the floor for at least six months.  Now the floor is clear and the few things stored on the floor are supposed to be there.  I consolidated all the school supplies scattered all over the basement, and pitched a bunch of stuff we didn’t need).
  • replaced the cluttered table that held Spencer’s x-box and misc. computer stuff with the TV cabinet from upstairs – it looks 1000% better.
  • cleared out the hole under the stairs (which held: 4 boxes of fabric, a Sun server, a bunch of picture frames, boxes of mementos for future scrapbooks, couch pillows that needed to be repaired, a body pillow I kept meaning to turn into two regular pillows, and a deflated exercise ball).  Now the space holds two plastic boxes with fabric (including some on-going quilt projects that will eventually leave their home in the box when finished), one plastic box with all our financial records (taxes, etc), four small file boxes with crafts/warranties/job history info – I did some serious pitching when going through all these files, AND – I moved all my scrapbook stuff down from the kitchen.  AND I can actually GET to all this stuff – it is so nicely arranged.
  • fixed said couch pillows and body pillow, along with some other mending (stuffed animals mostly).
  • cleaned out the bookshelves in the basement – donating some books, moving others to Spencer’s room, and just generally cleaning up.
  • cleaned out the pull out drawers in the cabinet – moved the games upstairs where we will actually play them, moved school supplies into the pantry, got rid of some of the craft stuff I will never use.
  • cleaned up the crawl space in the basement and decided to actually use some of that space for storage – I’m thinking maybe I’ll move the Christmas decorations out of the garage – especially since I almost killed myself putting them away this year.  They were a lot heavier than I thought they were when I was standing most of the way up the ladder and trying to hoist them onto the top shelf of our metal racks.  So glad that didn’t result in a post about my emergency room trip!
  • got Spencer and Tom into the dentist (and this was a major deal!)
  • found a new psychiatrist for Andrew – no more trips up to Evergreen.
  • got the windshield replaced in the Pathfinder.
  • tried to get the dishwasher repaired – no luck – we’re going to have to replace it 🙁

When I look at this list I feel positively giddy!  When I go down in my basement I get the same feeling!  The basement has been a dumping ground pretty much since we moved in (right up there with the garage – which is next on the list when the weather gets warmer!).  Now, hopefully, it will feel like someplace where I’m happy to put up guests, instead of feeling slightly embarrassed about all the things I’m trying to hide in holes and behind doors.

31. January 2011 by Johanna
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  1. Wow! You have been busy. It does feel good to get rid of stuff that has just been taking up space for too long. I did the same thing in our storage room about 2 months ago. Organized my fabric bins and donated five bins worth to the DI. Can’t wait to see it all in person. Hope you survive the weather in the next few days. Love you

  2. Oy! You make me feel like a lazy bum (lazy and crazy-messy)! I’m hoping, though, to be just like you when I grow up (or when my kids grow up).

    • Sarah – you’re no lazy bum! I wished I enjoyed my kids as much as you enjoy yours! And – you have to remember all my kids are in school – my house was a wreck when they were still at home all day. I’m fighting the post Christmas depression thing with all my “checking things off my list” and waiting for warmer weather.

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