“All the news that’s fit to print”

I just realized that the last time I wrote was in March. I have great intentions of being a regular blogger, but life gets in the way (or maybe it is just laziness?)

The biggest news in my life is that spring is here! Although summer continues to hold the top spot in my ranking of favorite seasons, spring is a close second. Even before the weather starts to warm up, the days begin to lengthen and oh, how those extra minutes and hours lift my spirits. There is nothing better than being able to come home from work and still have plenty of daylight to get in a walk or work a bit in the yard or just sit on the deck and enjoy being outside. My spirit starts to get giddy at the thought that summer is coming!

And of course there are all the other bonuses of spring – days where I can wear a t-shirt and flip flops (interspersed with boots and a coat, because this is Denver!) Little green blades that push up through the dirt and quickly become crocus and hyacinth and daffodil and tulip. Birds busily chirping and building nests and flitting around my yard. The green haze that envelops bare trees and then suddenly unfurls into leafy goodness.

Other news … my tenure as a seminary teacher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has come to a close. It is hard to believe that I have been teaching teens about the gospel of Jesus Christ for six full school years. I’ve had great experiences and have met some amazing youth. The daily focus has been good for my soul during periods of upheaval and grieving. I will miss the associations – but I can’t say I will miss the early mornings!

And speaking of church – we are almost back to normal around here. We are still wearing masks and doing some social distancing but our whole congregation is meeting together again and we are having modified Sunday school meetings. It has been wonderful to see all my friends and be able to visit with them and feel more connected. I’m glad to say goodbye (cross fingers) to Zoom classes – in person discussions are just so much more interesting!

I had a birthday in April – does everyone go through this feeling of disbelief? I’m not sure how I got this old and how it happened so quickly. I’m pretty sure my 30s were supposed to last longer (not to mention my 40s). I bought myself a ukulele as my birthday gift to myself this year (it’s become something of a tradition in the last few years). I’ve been having fun playing around on it. The fingertips of my left hand have become permanently numb – is that normal?? Strumming is A LOT harder than it looks (or sounds) and even though I’m playing this fairly small stringed instrument, my hands still feel too small to reach all the strings. I thought for sure that wouldn’t be a problem. Finally, I’m realizing that singing along is a big part of playing the ukulele and I really wish I had a better voice and a larger range. I’m hopeful that by Christmas I might have one or two songs to share at the family talent show – or at least that I could accompany a carol or two.

Some seasons in life are easier to enjoy than others – I’m grateful to be in a good season in my life right now. But no matter what tomorrow brings, I’ll keep Elder Wirthlin’s words in mind —

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