I’d better not be sick again …

So, here it is, 1:30 am, and I’m awake and coughing and totally disgusted.  I was sooo tired tonight, and of course the kids were up late because we were going to watch the fireworks (which didn’t apparently get rained out, but we went home before they started because it was POURING).  Anyhow, the children FINALLY went to bed and I gratefully closed my eyes and conked out.  Yet 15 minutes ago I came awake after that sleeping phase where your dreams are unsettled (I was in this loop where all my reading on bipolar disorder was somehow mixed in with this cough) and I was COUGHING.  NOOOO!  I was already sick the entire month of May.  I’ve done my time coughing and coughing and not being able to sleep.  This should not be happening.  Yet, here I am – I lay down and I cough.  Which leads me to a weird thing I have noticed – when it rains or snows I get a runny nose.  What in the heck could I be allergic to when there is water coming out of the sky???  Yet it has happened enough times that I’ve actually noticed a correlation.  Weirdness …

Another random thing – why is it that my hair only looks REALLY good (and this doesn’t happen often in general, but if it does …) right about the time that I’m going to bed??  I’ve been living with kind of annoying hair because I’ve been letting it grow.  The other night I had that rare experience of actually liking how it was looking – just as I was getting ready to SLEEP on it.  So unfair.  There’s no product out there that makes your hair look like it has been worn for a day, right after you style it.

Lastly – Tom bought himself a gas grill on Saturday (it was a Sam’s Club shopping trip that pushed him over the edge!)  I never thought we would switch from charcoal to gas.  But age must be catching up with us.  The appeal of turning on the grill instead of lighting a fire and then waiting for the coals to get hot – it finally won out.  I think Tom’s increasing penchant for exactness in his cooking is also catching up with him.  Now he can control the heat more precisely too.  We had ribs on Saturday (very yummy they were too) and hamburgers tonight.  I think he’s taking a break on Monday …

05. July 2010 by Johanna
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  1. Wow, gas no less. Welcome to the modern age Tom. I don’t think charcoal really made the difference with his cooking. Everything he cooks always is seasoned so well and tastes sooooo good. The fish we had Sunday with you was the best! If I buy all the food would Tom cook for the reunion. I could be his assistant, like do the chopping and cleaning etc.

  2. oh yeh, don’t be sick again. I think you must have some kind of allergy. maybe you can get it checked out. We are keeping you in our prayers. Love you.

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