“All the news that’s fit to print”

I just realized that the last time I wrote was in March. I have great intentions of being a regular blogger, but life gets in the way (or maybe it is just laziness?) The biggest news in my life is that spring is here! Although summer continues to hold the top spot in my ranking of favorite seasons, spring is […]

All the latest

I’ve been sick for two weeks exactly today.  It has not been fun… tonight I feel like I’m at my breaking point – I just want Tom to put his arms around me in a great big hug and pat my head and tell me it’s going to be o.k. and I will actually get better soon.  And then he […]

Tender Mercies

In Psalm 145:9 we read: “The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.”  I have had many experiences with the Lord’s tender mercies in my life but one that has been so apparent this past few months has been the calling to teach seminary every school morning (seminary is an early-morning scripture study […]

Just when life is getting you down …

I was recently invited to be a seminary teacher this coming school year (seminary is a 5 day a week, early morning class for the youth of my church where they study a book of scripture over the course of the year.)  I like to imagine that conversation… “Who do we know who can do this job?  Let’s see – […]