Tender Mercies

In Psalm 145:9 we read: “The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.”  I have had many experiences with the Lord’s tender mercies in my life but one that has been so apparent this past few months has been the calling to teach seminary every school morning (seminary is an early-morning scripture study class for the youth in my church).  We have been studying the Old Testament this year.

Here are some of the personal blessings I have enjoyed:

  • I find it very easy to be hermit-like.  Last year I would often drive Haley to school in my pjs and then spend my day at home doing very little and seeing no one.  The Lord knows this about me and knew that while last year I might have needed this alone time to process the huge change in my life, so much time alone is not generally good for me. This year I have to get up every morning and get dressed (in a skirt even!) and leave my house.  Most days I go on to work after seminary where I am around other people and have valuable social interactions that keep me from slipping into depression. 
  • Having Andrew in a residential treatment center is not an inexpensive prospect – going to work more often has blessed me financially to be able to manage the expense.  While I could have worked more without teaching seminary, I know that motivating myself to do so would be much more difficult without seminary (see first blessing).
  • I teach my daughter’s class and that has been wonderful.  As we have talked about how the class went each day, I have been able to have great conversations about faith and making tough choices with her.  It has brought us closer together and has given me opportunities to give comfort and counsel that she might not have asked for otherwise.
  • The class I teach is small – ten freshmen who are having their first experience with seminary. I have loved getting to know each student and find comfort in knowing that one of Haley’s peer groups is such an excellent one with kids who are all trying to come to know God better and follow Him.
  • Although I have had periods where I have spent a lot of time in the scriptures, I have also had times when I haven’t. The Lord knew that I would continue to need the strength and inspiration that comes from studying the words of the prophets.  Having to prepare daily lessons has been both very challenging and so rewarding.  I have gained a greater love for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and for the commandments that can bring peace to my life as I live them. There is something about teaching others that always helps me to understand my beliefs more clearly and also strengthens my testimony.
  • Irrational or not, having a spouse die has made me feel at times like I’ve done something wrong to have such a hard thing happen.  Being given such a trust to teach seminary has helped me to know that Heavenly Father loves me and I’m still valuable to Him.  At a time when I don’t have the blessing of a spouse who can give me positive feedback when I’m feeling down, having that comfort from Heavenly Father is especially cherished.

Truly the Lord is good. 

28. February 2016 by tjsjohanna
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