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Well, in our home summer has come to an end – the kids are back in school.  Here are some of the highlights of the season.

Camping – Haley and I went to our church girls camp.  It was Haley’s first camp since she moved to the teen church group.  She had a terrific time – she was the first one to go on the high ropes course and was an enthusiastic kayaker and really wanted to hunt snipes!!

Andrew went to scout camp two weeks later – but I didn’t go with him, so I’ve got no pictures.  He especially enjoyed shooting and was really pleased that the last night of camp they got to have a bonfire.  The downside was all the rain – he said it rained most every day they were up in the mountains.  But it must not have been too bad because he had only good things to say.

Traveling – While Andrew was at camp, Haley and I took a road trip to Monroe, Utah to visit my parents.  We made great time on our drive, which was awesome!

My sister brought her kids down for part of our visit – it was so much fun to be with them.    Haley & I got to ride in the back of the van on our daily trip to Richfield for lunch (the perks of traveling in rural areas) and we discovered that Miles likes pickles!

My mom gave Haley some sewing lessons …

Tom and I got terrific tickets to a Rockies game – we took the light rail downtown and enjoyed a rare evening out by ourselves!

Lastly, the kids and I took in a double feature – Monsters University and Epic.

We didn’t do all the things we put on our “Summer To Do List” but we definitely enjoyed the break from school.  So it was a good summer!



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