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When I didn’t know how to cope with my new reality, I went to the internet looking for some kind of scripture study guide on the topic of grief and loss.  But aside from things like “10 scriptures on grief” there wasn’t much.  I wanted something more comprehensive.  Eventually I just started looking up topics in the topical guide of my edition of the LDS scriptures.  I gathered this collection of scripture verses, quotes, talks, and books as I have worked through my own feelings about the loss of my husband. I have found great comfort in reading, over and over, of the love my Heavenly Father has for me, and of how He will support and guide me through this painful experience.

As I read these verses, I sometimes took them out of the context in which they were given because they resonated with the feelings I was having – but I think scriptures are special in the sense that the meanings we glean from them change over time and with our changing experiences.  I found it most helpful to write down the ideas and feelings I had as I read.  I’m sharing this in case there is someone out there on the internet that might find it useful too.

Word Version  Grief Study Guide

PDF Version  Grief Study Guide

05. February 2015 by tjsjohanna
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