Guided Scripture Study

When I didn’t know how to cope with my new reality, I went to the internet looking for some kind of scripture study guide on the topic of grief and loss.  But aside from things like “10 scriptures on grief” there wasn’t much.  I wanted something more comprehensive.  Eventually I just started looking up topics in the topical guide of […]


So, I’m not the most patient mom in the world (that’s shocking news, I’m sure). I really struggle with some of my children’s behaviors. Last night I was offering up my standard prayer – “please soften my heart towards my children, please help me feel about them the way You feel about them” and the thought came into my head, […]

Return and Report

So I’ve been AWOL – not deliberately, but I haven’t felt like I have anything interesting to say, or I’ve been too lazy to get my pictures uploaded.  Still, lame excuse.  Going to try and post more regularly. This post is an update on a couple of things I’ve talked about here.  First – my scripture reading plan.  I’m on […]

Scripture Studying Goals

This post will be mostly interesting to me as a way to track what I have done and what I am hoping to do in my scripture studying.  While I’m feeling more positive about the attention I am paying to the scriptures now, I have to feel embarrassed when I think of the years where I never did any studying […]


Well, I’m a week and a half into my challenge.  Almost half way through!  Some thoughts on the experiment. I’ve read all of Matthew and Mark.  Took me almost a week to realize that each week’s assignment is anchored by one of the gospels.  Matthew had a pronounced theme for me this time through – Christ’s life was one of […]