Traveling Fool

I’m finally settling back into my routine after a whirlwind four months on the go. Am I getting old? I really like being in my own home, sleeping in my own bed! But I had a great time on the road. I started with a long weekend trip in April to visit my niece, Liz, and her family in Dallas, […]

Family is where it’s at!

This is a post I wrote back in the summer of 2017.  I do really feel so lucky in my family … and we are prepping for another family gathering when Drew gets married next month.   I’ve spent the last few weeks with extended family and I’m reminded yet again how fortunate I have been when it comes to […]

Christmas Memories

Many of my 48 Christmas celebrations have passed with little to make them stand out – but this year will be one I remember, because it is the first since Tom died where I feel a genuine sense of peace and even joy.  There have been no complicating bouts of intense grief, but only grateful memories of our life together […]

Life is Good

To wear a ring or not … I never supposed it would be such a topic of discussion and thought.  Before Tom died I was firmly on the side of remarriage.  I think life can be long and lonely and if you have the chance to remarry, that’s a good thing.  But I didn’t count on the feelings that come […]

Thomas Wood – 1965-2014

A week ago I found myself trying on dresses.  It was the first time I had left my house since I had arrived there Monday afternoon.  As I stood among the clothing racks I had this sense of dislocation.  I was doing this completely ordinary thing – picking out a new dress – but it was for this terrible new […]

This and That

Well, in our home summer has come to an end – the kids are back in school.  Here are some of the highlights of the season. Camping – Haley and I went to our church girls camp.  It was Haley’s first camp since she moved to the teen church group.  She had a terrific time – she was the first […]

Living Through Our Children

I’ve always prided myself on letting my kids develop their own interests and making many of their own choices. I wasn’t going to be that mom that wanted her child to be Miss Popular because she wasn’t, etc. etc. I’ve even tried to respect my kids’ choices regarding things I think are important, like school work. I have children that […]

Return and Report

So I’ve been AWOL – not deliberately, but I haven’t felt like I have anything interesting to say, or I’ve been too lazy to get my pictures uploaded.  Still, lame excuse.  Going to try and post more regularly. This post is an update on a couple of things I’ve talked about here.  First – my scripture reading plan.  I’m on […]

Random Stuff

So – it’s time to update the blog (my motivation for writing) Last weekend my parents, siblings, and all kids (with the exception of my youngest brother, Andrew, who was on business in Germany – lucky dog, but we missed him!) got together for our 1st “Joe and Pam Cottle Reunion” (there’s got to be a better name than that.  […]

4th of July Trip to Utah

Tuesday morning Tom called me at work to say that his contract had ended (at least for now) and what did I think about going out to Utah for the 4th of July holiday?  I wasn’t happy to get this call – I wanted this contract to last longer and I didn’t think I wanted to make such a short […]