We have a perfectly fine point and shoot camera that we got a few years ago.  I have no complaints – except that it is a bit bulky and it seems like lately I never get it out to take any pictures.  When I was visiting my parents back in March, my mom showed me the new camera she got – a Nikon Coolpix.  It was small and I had been trying to think of suggestions to give Tom for my upcoming birthday and suddenly I thought this would be the perfect thing.  Maybe if I could easily take it out of my purse to take a picture, I’d take more pictures.  Fast forward to April – Tom came through and gave me my own Nikon Coolpix.  So, I’ve been trying to follow through on my plan to take more pictures more often.  What better place to pull out the camera than when my kids are doing the things they love (or at least like a lot!)

First up – my darling daughter who has an on-going love affair with all things horse.  Took these at her last riding lesson.

Next up – my preteen son who thinks flag football is the best sport ever!

(He’s the one in the center, hiking the ball)

(With his best buddy, Luke)

My two younger kids have been participating in Kids Running America, where the kids run a total of 26.2 miles over the course of about 13 weeks. Every Tuesday morning I’ve taken them to the rec center to run their two miles and then we went to the final mile event held in downtown Denver. Here are some pictures of them.

(Before the start)

(Crossing the finish line)

So, does this post qualify me as a “mommy blogger”? I know my pictures don’t reflect a photography hobby so many mommy bloggers seem to have, so maybe that disqualifies me!!  🙂

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