Long overdue updates …

You’d think nothing has been happening in the Wood family – but that wouldn’t be exactly true.

First – at the beginning of May I headed to Idaho for a reunion with my on-line buddies.  We met last year at a Mom’s Retreat where we all did the unthinkable and met up with people we only knew from the internet.  And not only did we meet up, but we stayed together in a condo for three days!!  This time it really was more like really good friends getting together.  It was hard to believe it had been a whole year.

We stayed in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho – known for their healing mineral hot spring baths.

Our accommodations were an old school house renovated for family gatherings or really large groups of driven crazy moms.

One of my favorite features was the fully functioning gym! I shot some hoops and we used it for our hula-hooping fun. Yes, I said hula-hooping. Didn’t think I would like that, but it ended up being one of the funnest things we did.

One day we visited nearby Soda Springs where we saw a man-made geyser, drank some of their famous naturally carbonated water (I passed on that lovely treat), and watched a slag dump.

Pretty heady stuff, I know!!

Mostly we laughed over the seriously crazy stuff our kids do and cried over the seriously crazy stuff our kids do and talked fondly of the stuff we used to love to do before our lives were taken over by “Advanced Studies Parenting” and shared all the things we do to keep sane and happy in the midst of the chaos. It was lovely to be with such awesome women who completely understand the ins and outs of parenting challenging kids.

Next up …. Graduation Day!

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