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So about two years ago I had the master bathroom remodeled.  You might remember?  The old shower door (and probably the existing tile too, though it wasn’t clear) looked like this-

(Not my actual door because I wouldn’t want a picture like this normally!)

Periodically I would try to scrub it clean with various promising products and then with plain old comet.  But it mostly looked like this.  

I had the master bathroom re-done because we had some water leakage from the shower.  I love the look of clear glass, frameless shower doors, so that’s what I had installed.  When everything was demo-ed, it looked like the leaking water was coming from cracks in the grout.  So when the new shower was installed, I was a little paranoid.  I double sealed the grout in the penny tile floor.  Once I started using the shower, I used my squeegee to clean not only the glass doors, but also the floor of the shower.  I didn’t want water pooling and causing problems.  I also started using my towel to wipe off the water drops left after squeegeeing the glass.  Fast forward to today.  This is what my shower looks like-

I’ve used a cleaning product on the shower floor once.  I’ve never used one on the doors.  They still look pretty much brand new.  I did discover that it helps to rinse off the whole shower in really hot water just before I get out.  I’ve gotten quicker with the squeegee because I know I can wipe up the sloppy parts.  It does take discipline, because who wants to stand in the shower after turning off the water??  But this totally beats trying to remove hard water spots.  And I’m happy to report that there have been no water leaks!

So maybe a silly post, but this really works!

29. March 2017 by tjsjohanna
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