New Drivers

I entered the world of having a new teenage driver again this year.  Somehow when I went through this with Spencer it didn’t seem as intense.  Maybe it is because my mom took him out on his first driving experiences – and Tom & I shared the driving time he had to complete (50 hours) before he could get his […]

Relief from burdens

This past week I took my son to a residential treatment center and left him for what will probably be a least a year away from home.  It was a difficult decision to make on so many levels.  For eleven years we have worked diligently to get him the professional help that he has needed and to encourage him in […]


So, I’m not the most patient mom in the world (that’s shocking news, I’m sure). I really struggle with some of my children’s behaviors. Last night I was offering up my standard prayer – “please soften my heart towards my children, please help me feel about them the way You feel about them” and the thought came into my head, […]

My Motherhood Essay

A blogger that I read recently hosted a call for motherhood essays and I got to wondering what my essay would look like.  Here’s the result. My picture of motherhood was formed early by my own mother.    She wasn’t a perfect mother but then, I don’t believe in perfect mothers.  She was, however, a terrific mother.  She loved us.  She […]

Spring Break

So many thoughts floating around in my head … Spent last week with my parents in Monroe, Utah. Took my two youngest since they were on spring break. My sisters, Erin and Cynthia joined the party too. It was fun to watch our kids play together. I especially enjoyed the four year olds – they were “adorable” as my daughter […]

I’m trying to …

I’m trying to get Tom to do a guest blog post.  He made an amazing meal on Sunday and he even had Spencer take pictures.  He’s being reluctant – but I wish he would!!  I envy those bloggers who have those beautiful food posts and here I have my very own chef who won’t spruce up my blog!! I’m trying […]

Mother’s Day

Why is it that this holiday is so fraught with emotional pitfalls?  It seems like a simple thing – set aside a day to honor the work mothers do.  And yet each year I read and hear women talk about this holiday in such negative terms. Firstly, there is the question of women who aren’t currently caring for a child […]

Random Stuff

Kids are downstairs watching “The Aristocats”. I love that movie! No super scary villain and those kittens are so cute … Tom’s gone to the Priesthood Session of General Conference (want to know more? Go here.)   Sadly, we all kindof forgot this was conference weekend and Spencer didn’t ask for it off, so he’s at work.  I realized that […]

Mental Health

I don’t usually post about Andrew in particular, though I read a lot of blogs where moms with difficult kids post often about the challenges they face. But today I’m making an exception. Almost a year ago Andrew had such an escalation of out of control behaviors that we (as his parents) were driven to put him back in therapy, […]