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Writing and Thinking

I wrote this post in my head two nights ago when I couldn’t sleep. I have a ton of empathy for sufferers of insomnia.  That feeling of laying in bed, trying to doze off, and there’s just no sleep coming … Continue reading

09. February 2016 by tjsjohanna
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Maybe Just a Little Angry …

I’m not feeling strong or brave or submissive.  We got through the first major holiday without Tom and honestly, there was so much going on and Thanksgiving is always more about the whole group than about our little family so … Continue reading

02. December 2014 by tjsjohanna
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Thinking about Aging

Andrew and Haley and I drove out to Provo this past weekend to spend a few days of their fall break visiting Tom’s mom.  After a couple of years of falls and mini-strokes and various ailments that come and go, … Continue reading

18. October 2011 by Johanna
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