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Random Stuff

Kids are downstairs watching “The Aristocats”. I love that movie! No super scary villain and those kittens are so cute … Tom’s gone to the Priesthood Session of General Conference (want to know more? Go here.)   Sadly, we all … Continue reading

02. April 2011 by Johanna
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Mental Health

I don’t usually post about Andrew in particular, though I read a lot of blogs where moms with difficult kids post often about the challenges they face. But today I’m making an exception. Almost a year ago Andrew had such … Continue reading

16. March 2011 by Johanna
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And What Have You Been Up To??

Haven’t posted in awhile – and I have no pictures – so I’ll warn you up front.  Still, I’m feeling the need to say something.  We’ve enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon.  Tom substituted in Primary for the 7 year olds.  … Continue reading

24. May 2009 by Johanna
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Johanna – What’s New?

So, we’ve been home a week and what a week it has been.  Last Saturday we gathered together to see Andy get baptized.  I’m not sure what, if anything, he got out of the event – but we are hopeful!!  … Continue reading

25. May 2008 by Johanna
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