Random Stuff

Kids are downstairs watching “The Aristocats”. I love that movie! No super scary villain and those kittens are so cute … Tom’s gone to the Priesthood Session of General Conference (want to know more? Go here.)   Sadly, we all kindof forgot this was conference weekend and Spencer didn’t ask for it off, so he’s at work.  I realized that […]

Mental Health

I don’t usually post about Andrew in particular, though I read a lot of blogs where moms with difficult kids post often about the challenges they face. But today I’m making an exception. Almost a year ago Andrew had such an escalation of out of control behaviors that we (as his parents) were driven to put him back in therapy, […]

And What Have You Been Up To??

Haven’t posted in awhile – and I have no pictures – so I’ll warn you up front.  Still, I’m feeling the need to say something.  We’ve enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon.  Tom substituted in Primary for the 7 year olds.  All boys (5 of them).  I was there for sharing time but left him to fend for himself while I […]

Johanna – What’s New?

So, we’ve been home a week and what a week it has been.  Last Saturday we gathered together to see Andy get baptized.  I’m not sure what, if anything, he got out of the event – but we are hopeful!!  The younger kids are still punishing Tom & I for being gone a week.  They are all over the place […]