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I’m back home after spending a wonderful two weeks away from my regular life.  The only downside was missing Tom.  But we all have sacrifices to make …  My mom and dad graciously opened their home to me and my little kids for the week before Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful vacation!  I got a great start (and finish) on quite a few Christmas gifts, got in LOTS of great conversation with Mom, Dad, and my sister Erin, got to play with Kate …


It was just a good time.  Andrew and Haley glutted themselves on TV – we kept teasing them that their brains were oozing out of their ears! – but they did manage quite a few bike rides and were in seventh heaven when all the cousins began to arrive for Thanksgiving.  I think mostly they were happy to 1) be out of school and 2) be out of their own home.

You may notice a lack of pictures regarding this visit.  I did, in fact, bring my camera … but I never took it out of the bag.  I’m lame, I know…  I’m really going to miss those pictures when I want to scrapbook about the fun things we did this year.

Tom & Spencer flew out to Utah Tuesday night and we all spent Thanksgiving up in Provo with the Wood clan.  We had a most excellent Thanksgiving dinner – all cooks outdid themselves!  We were such a large group that there were THREE turkeys and I’m not even sure how many pies – 20 maybe?  We mostly all fit around the three long tables set up in the front room – but there were a few guests who ended up eating in the second shift.  The best part is catching up with all the families – all Tom’s nieces and nephews are grown up now – many with kids of their own.  It’s fun to see how they are all doing.  Spencer supposedly took pictures but all I can find are pictures from the BYU/Utah game (which was pretty awesome, by the way!).  Here’s a peek …


Storming the Field

Richard Watson got Tom & Spencer great tickets and when BYU won in overtime, the boys stormed the field!  Fun was had by ALL (with the possible exception of those guys in red …)

We drove home in the middle of the night and I still have the dark circles under my eyes.  I’m obsessing about dark circles and wrinkles and age spots lately.  Gotta get over it  … or invest in some new miracle anti-aging makeup!

02. December 2009 by Johanna
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  1. what a great post – you are such a great writer 🙂 i had tons of fun with you, too. thanks for the great week!

  2. Love reading all the posts (of which there are only currently two!!!) Your brothers are lazeeee! I loved having your and Erin and the kids here. We need to make that an annual event.

  3. Johanna, Thanks for a nice blog. It’s so quiet!! I think even Sid misses all the commotion!!

  4. Wow – three comments! I guess I should keep blogging then! Mom & Dad – thanks again for letting us come stay. It was such a great break from real life!

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