It’s Official – Spencer is 15 years old!!


So, yesterday Spencer turned 15.  That seems awfully old for a mom as young as I am!!  Unlike some people (don’t look at me!) Spencer didn’t assume that just because it was his birthday he didn’t have to go to school or seminary – of course, he was probably hoping for lots of attention from the girls and didn’t want to miss it!  Anyhow, he had some friends over for a BBQ (Tom provided the goods) while I took the little kids away for a few hours.  I came home to find the boys on their way out to skateboard – Spencer’s friends pitched in together and got Spence a board.  I can feel some skating sessions with the Uncles in his future.

0045 Visiting Spencer in Provo

It’s hard to believe the handsome young man above started out as such a darling baby.  It’s been a wonderful ride – full of ups and downs.  The thing that is such a miracle about watching a child grow is that day after day they don’t really seem all that different, but the days add up and suddenly you realize that the baby is long gone – heck the kid is gone too at this point.  While I’d be the last to claim perfection for my kid, Tom and I do think he’s pretty terrific.  He has been a great big brother and he’s doing really well in school.  If we could just light a fire under him about getting his Eagle Scout badge!  Anyway – we’re glad he joined our family oh, so long ago, and are afraid the next 3 years are going to fly by a lot faster than we would wish.

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

29. August 2009 by Johanna
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  1. 3 years?!?!?!?! how is that possible??? i’m with you, he’s pretty awesome 🙂

  2. Very nice post Johanna. He is a man! Crazy, right? We love Spencer so much. I remember the day I met him, how little he was and now he probably is triple in size. Im glad he had a great b-day.

  3. Brought a lump in my throat remembering that day so long ago. He is pretty terrific and we think we are the luckiest grandparents in the world! Happy B’day.

  4. wow, can’t believe spencerelly is really 15. soon he will be terrorizing the roads and then going on a mission!

    is that me holding spencer in that picture? i think it is, i remeber going to your apt when he was born and even wearing that shirt. classic.

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