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I don’t even know where to start – and my sister, Erin, has already done a terrific job documenting all the significant events in our extended family – so…  I’ll try and talk about some of the things our family has done lately.  I took Andrew and Haley out to Utah a few weeks ago to help my mom with some home improvement projects.  I had a lot of fun – it’s nice to do something like this when you don’t have to take care of all the regular chores too!  But, talk about tired!  Saturday (we arrived on Wed.) I just sat around and napped.  I was feeling 40 for sure!  A highlight of my trip was visiting my good friend, Shannon Simmons.  She and her family moved to Woods Cross last year.  She was my walking buddy and personal therapist!!  I have sooo missed her this past year.  She met us in Salt Lake for lunch.  We ate at the Lion House – very yummy food and so great to just catch up on everything.  I wish we were still neighbors but I’m glad her family is settling in so well in Utah.
So, Mom and I and Tom’s mom and the kids drove back to Denver on the 4th – just in time for my nephew’s birth (he is so darling!).  For all the info on that event, check out Alex & Cynthia’s blog.  We really enjoyed having Leone visit us last week.  She got to watch Spencer play football and was such a big help to me in drying fruit for our winter storage.  So, I feel like I’ve been running ever since we got home.  Every day seems to be packed with things that have to be done.  It’s harder to simplify than it sounds!!
Lastly – Tom’s birthday was yesterday.  Wish I could have gotten him that flat screen t.v.!!  Since that was beyond our budget, I took him to dinner at the Bonefish Grill instead.  It’s “bang, bang shrimp” heaven!!  I’m so grateful for Tom.  He’s been a terrific husband and friend.  Hope you have a great year, Tom!!  Well, that’s all for now.

17. September 2008 by Johanna
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  1. erin (unverified): happy birthday tom! you guys have been BUSY!
    Sep 18, 2008, 12:32 AM (UTC -4)

  2. Johanna, the new site looks awesome!

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