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First off, do you like our new look?  I had to browbeat Spencer to get him to do something new.  He’s not impressed because it only took him a few minutes to design it – if it doesn’t take four hours, it’s not worth it!!  We had a surprise visit from Mom & Dad Cottle this past weekend.  It was great to see them!  Dad finished pulling the tree root out of the ground for Tom, so we were soooo grateful for that.  The last time Tom came in from digging and chopping, he said “that tree is winning!”.  My neighbor, who is a landscaper, came over on Monday and offered to take it to the dump, so it is even out of our yard!  I love having it gone.  Now the dogwood can really do its thing. 🙂  I have had a few not so great weeks.  While the depression medicine has really been making a difference over the last nine months or so, lately it seems that I’m really struggling again.  Some days I just want to stay in bed ALL the time!  And even though I drag myself out and do stuff, there’s no energy behind it.  Plus, I’m not sleeping well again, which is such a pain.  I’m trying to be patient and do more journaling and eat better (yeah, right!) but it is discouraging.  I was kind of hoping to be ready to start tapering off the meds and instead, I’m wondering if maybe the dosage needs to be increased or I need to try something different.  I guess that’s what I get for living with it for so long.  Maybe if I had gotten help sooner, I could have had a quicker recovery time.  I think also I’m feeling my age.  Ten years ago I had so much more mental energy – and now I’m finding that I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel.  I guess that’s why we live so long!  God wants us to experience a wide range of things and get better at doing things His way in a variety of circumstances.  I am grateful that I have found a larger group of friends than I had a year or so ago.  When my best friend, Shannon, moved away, I felt so bereft!  I still miss the great talks we shared, but I feel blessed that Heavenly Father knew I needed that kind of support and opened up new places for me to get it.  Well, enough ramblings – I’ve been digging through photo disks and think uploading pictures might actually be getting closer to a reality!

18. July 2008 by Johanna
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  1. Sarah (unverified): I like the new layout!! I hope you start sleeping better. I appreciate the advice you gave me about sleep it has been helping me a lot. Sometimes I don’t realize how tired I am until I have to wake up.
    July 18, 2008, 04:25 PM (UTC -4)

  2. anonymous (unverified): sorry to hear about that – i know what you mean about not having any energy behind it. i was going through some of that myself when i was living out there – if you hadn’t noticed smile on a different note – i cannot wait to see you next weekend!!!!! smile
    July 19, 2008, 11:25 AM (UTC -4)

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