True Confessions

Anyone who knows me well (or is my Facebook friend) knows I read ALOT! For the last few years I’ve averaged around 200 books a year. So since January or so I’ve maybe read six books. You might foolishly believe I’ve finally mastered my addiction. You’d be so wrong.
One day, browsing Pinterest  I got sucked into a Harry Potter board fest.


And then I got all nostalgic for the stories but I wasn’t ready to reread the series so I thought, “I’ll go see what’s on the fan faction boards. I can read a few short stories and get my fix.”  Famous last words. Did you know there are full length novels out in the fan fiction world? And there are actually good writers who are spending their time and talent on other people’s characters? I didn’t either… But I got an iPad for Christmas so suddenly reading web pages was as convenient as using my kindle and there were an infinite (ok I’m exaggerating a little) number of stories starring my favorite characters and I was hooked.  I kept telling myself that “this is the last one and then I’m going to read a real book again”.  Somehow real books weren’t hooking me in.  That’s when I decided this is an addiction.  I’ve gone almost a week without reading any and it’s been HARD! How lame is that? Spencer tells me that I’ve confused the stories in my mind so much that I won’t be able to remember what is really part of the story. He might be right. I might have to reread the series after all!
So that’s the true confession of the embarrassing variety. The bragging variety is that I have been getting up at 5:15am every morning the last two weeks to go walking. I’m voluntarily getting up early in the summer to go exercise. It’s shocking but true. Here’s a view…


By the time I get home the sun is fully up and things are starting to warm up. But it is cool and quiet and dim and I’m finding there is a bit of a reward to being up so early (and being able to walk without my kids tagging along). I have to give credit to a couple of friends from my church congregation who convinced me to come walking and have kept me going. Good friends make a world of difference.

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      Johanna, I love how honest you are in sharing your “horrible” addiction. Ha ha. There are definitely worse things to be addicted to!

      Good job in exercising regularly. I’m hoping to get to that “regular” point again.

      Also, I couldn’t agree more with you about good friends—they absolutely make all the difference. I’m so glad you have good friends! 🙂

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