The Great Bedroom Shuffle

I’ve waited a long time to post this because I was waiting to be done with Spencer’s room and it didn’t get finished until right before he came home from BYU.

We decided to move Haley to the basement when Spencer went away to college. She was totally excited – Spencer was totally not happy. I tried to mollify him by telling him his new room would be great and have a new bed. He wasn’t having any of it. I can understand how he felt – he was already not too excited about leaving home and as soon as he was out the door, we dismantled his bedroom. In our defense, every evening was a huge fight between Andrew and Haley – who got to go in the bathroom first, who was taking too long, who was saying mean things under their breath while they got ready for bed. Having their doors right next to each other and sharing a bathroom was just causing so much contention.

So we went ahead with the rearrangement and right away the contention level in our home went way down, so we knew this was the right thing. But it was an exhausting load of work and the house was turned upside down for longer than any of us really wanted. And now it is done and I’m so happy with how all the rooms turned out. So here’s pictures!

Haley’s New Room

She wanted a “loft bed” but we weren’t up to building one, so we put her bed up on cinderblocks. It’s surprisingly sturdy and fills the bill. We built the shelf around the top of the room when Spencer was in this room. This is a pretty tiny room so we put Haley’s dresser in the closet.

Improvements included painting room and ceiling (the small room seems bigger with all surfaces the same color), adding a small bookshelf in the closet to hold all her “stuff”, and removing the closet doors – replacing with curtains that are mostly there for decoration, not to really hide anything. We also found new bedding.

Andrew’s New Room

We moved Spencer’s loft bed up to Andrew’s room, along with the bookcases Spencer had been using as a dresser. They are serving the same purpose in Andrew’s room and he is actually managing to keep things looking pretty neat. Andrew loves the “clubhouse” that has been created under his bed, and has a light and blankets and stuffed animals in his little cave. He likes to sleep there on the weekends.

Improvements included painting the room (including the stripe), painting an existing bookshelf, adding a desk and picture hanging system from IKEA, new curtains & valence for the closet and the window, hanging new blinds in the window (it’s been about three years since we had blinds on this window!), and finding new bedding (Andrew wanted red and teal blue – thank you IKEA!).

Next post – Spencer’s room (gotta download pictures first!)

20. December 2012 by Johanna
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