Promised Vacation Post

Anyone notice how fast this summer went??  I thought it would really drag since all my kids had a full summer this year (our first since Spencer started school here in Highlands Ranch.  We’ve been doing year round school up until this past year).  But between a quick trip out to Provo to celebrate Aaron Watson’s wedding (our nephew)

and another trip where we spent part of week with Tom’s mom and another week in San Diego with Johanna’s family, the summer flew by!

We took the kids to Salt Lake one day –

and went swimming at the most awesome neighborhood pool I’ve ever seen –

We headed down to San Diego Sunday afternoon, stopping in Las Vegas for the night. We took a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip which was incredibly HOT. Kudos to those native Las Vegans who live with the heat all summer long!

We arrived in San Diego on Monday and quickly got our campsites set up.

Isn’t this the most beautiful view? Made the sleeping in tents worth it!

We spent a few days just hanging out at the beach …

One day at Sea World (we were a little disappointed, truth to tell) …

and a day the the Scripps Aquarium – the kelp forest tank was amazing!

The downside of the trip? Sting Rays! We had three attacks in our family group during the week. Our niece, Kali, got cut by a barb but fortunately didn’t get a dose of the toxin. My brother, Andrew, got stung on the side of his big toe and was in a fair amount of pain for about an hour. But Spencer got the worst of it. He got stabbed in the bottom of his foot and received a full dose of the toxin. He was in excruciating pain for a good two hours. Put a major damper on his trip!

Overall, it might not have been the most fun trip we ever took, but I was so happy to be back by the ocean. I have really missed living near the beach. It was such a big part of my growing up years, and it was wonderful to smell the salt air and watch the waves and feel at home. I hope it doesn’t take me another ten years to get back!


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