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I keep thinking, “that would make a great blog post!” and then never writing ANYTHING! Posts to come:

  • Our vacation to San Diego – I even have pictures!  Just need to sit down and write
  • Taking Spencer to BYU – it does involve tears and I don’t think there is much in the way of pictures
  • The start of school – this also involves tears, unfortunately, as well as a bit of yelling

What I have been doing (well, what we’ve been doing) most recently is home improvement.

We had a new driveway poured and removed the hideousness that was the rock on either side (it’s a wonder I never broke an ankle).  Tom finished the bit of bare earth that was left (we did have the drive widened which is awesome) with some pretty mulch and some twinkling solar lights.  I promise to post pictures THIS MONTH.

We finally covered that insulation in the garage with drywall.  We did that yesterday, as a matter of fact.  You’d think that hanging four pieces of drywall would be easy-peasy.  Not so…  Due to framing issues beyond our control, we had to shorten our drywall so that it ended on a stud.  We also had to cut out our electrical boxes and then work around the gas pipe that is hanging on the outside of the framing, instead of being nicely buried in the wall.  Then we had that smaller strip of wall to cover – just lots and lots of measuring, cutting, and trimming.  But it is DONE.  Now I get to mud and tape it.  Fortunately it’s the garage, so it doesn’t have to look great, just adequate!!  Pictures to come …

I’ve been shuffling bedrooms, much to Spencer’s dismay.  He feels like we are erasing him from the house!  I promised him to make a new room that is even better than his old … we’ll see if I succeed.  Meanwhile, Haley is now officially moved to the basement where hopefully the extra space will add a measure of peace to our family – less opportunities for Andrew to hassle her (or for her to tease him …).  When I get all the rooms painted and set up, I’ll take some pictures.  Right now there is chaos just about everywhere.  I’m sort of wondering what in the heck I’m doing …

Labor day has come at just the right time … there’s labor going on here …

02. September 2012 by Johanna
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