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So I’ve been AWOL – not deliberately, but I haven’t felt like I have anything interesting to say, or I’ve been too lazy to get my pictures uploaded.  Still, lame excuse.  Going to try and post more regularly.

This post is an update on a couple of things I’ve talked about here.  First – my scripture reading plan.  I’m on my fourth (and final) reading of The Book of Mormon that I planned for the last part of this year.  My familiarity with the book increases with each reading, and I feel like I have a better grasp on some of the overarching themes of the book.  Most importantly, I’m reminded each day of how much the Book of Mormon prophets loved the Lord and how urgently they wanted the people they taught to come unto Christ and to really know and love Him too.  I feel like I have a lot to improve in my family relationships in following Christ more closely.  With this final reading I’m trying to keep in mind listening for inspiration on changes I can make and also praying more for a change of heart.

Second, my household planner.  On the day-to-day schedule, it has helped me to be more regular about getting things like laundry done.  Last month I planned meals and we did pretty good about cooking at home.  I haven’t made up a new meal plan and we are suffering under the “what should we cook?” thing again, so I really need to get that taken care of for October.  We are part way through a kitchen re-do so my deep cleaning schedule has been abandoned for the moment.  Actually, overall I feel like my life is a lot busier than I had realized.  Part of the reason why I wasn’t doing a lot of cleaning before is not because I was lazy – I was just trying not to be overwhelmed.  Right now, keeping up with weekly chores that really HAVE to be done is fairly overwhelming.  I keep thinking I need to enlist more help from my family, but the reality is that we are all pretty busy –  particularly the kids with school work and a couple of outside activities each week.  I think the truth is, my house is going to be more dirty than I would like and I just have to live with it.  At least at this stage in my life.  Still, I’m liking the household planner and it has definitely helped me stay on top of some of the more important things I want to accomplish.

Third, Tom and I have talked and thought a lot about increasing the size of our family over the last few years, and we’ve finally decided to move forward with adopting again – so that is something big that will be going on in our lives over the next few years.  Thanks to Elder Andersen (Children) and a trip to the temple for nudging us out of the “pondering” mode.

Lastly – we ARE in the middle of a kitchen update and I DO have some pictures of some of the things we have done, so I’m going to try and get that posted this week so you can see where we are so far.  I’m excited about seeing our new cabinets and can’t wait!!

09. October 2011 by Johanna
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  1. Johanna!!!!! Way to sneak that huge piece of news in there under the radar. 🙂 I actually felt the same stirrings…with a “just not right now” disclaimer attached. I didn’t like that stirring…especially since it was followed by the “It is better to look up” and ask God to help you figure it out message. Deep shudder! I can barely handle what I’ve got now.

    My kitchen is soon slated for redo, too. It’s all part of my little remodel project I have going.

  2. Diana – I’m not really trying to sneak this news in. I feel sort of ambivalent about the whole thing, but I definitely went into Conference with this question in mind, and I feel pretty confident that the answer is to move forward in faith. I’ve been trying not to think about all I “know” about trauma, etc. because it totally makes me not want to go forward. I’m just trying to focus on faith in Heavenly Father and following His plan for our family. I’m hoping I’ll get a little more excited once we get going with paperwork, etc.

  3. Johanna,
    This is super exciting news! I wish you the best in your adoption process. Please keep us posted! You and Tom ROCK!!!

  4. johanna!!! this is great news! i’m very excited 🙂 talk to you soon!

  5. Wow! Good thing I check your blog often! Exciting changes coming up…that come with challenges but lots of joy, I hope. I miss our weekly chats, but it sounds like you’re not in primary anymore to be chatted with :). I hope things go well for you over the next few weeks and months. I’ll keep checking back. Good luck with everything!! Love you.

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