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“WITH you it’s different”

It’s been four and a half years since Tom passed away.  Just writing that seems unreal.  It is hard for me to believe that he has been gone so long.  Much of the grief of his passing has tempered with … Continue reading

17. February 2019 by tjsjohanna
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March already??

How did February get by me??  Well, actually I know the answer to that.  I’ve been up to my neck in DIY projects – painting, installing new baseboards, painting, changing out electrical plugs & switches (and pinning down the puzzle … Continue reading

01. March 2017 by tjsjohanna
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Being Seen

Here’s something that I miss since Tom has been gone … There’s no one that knows me and who sees me in that uniquely intimate way that spouses have.  When I get dressed up, there’s no one to say, “wow, … Continue reading

20. April 2016 by tjsjohanna
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Missing Him

Has it been too long since Tom died for me to write a post about how I’m missing him?  After all it’s been over a year and I should be moving on, right?  It’s not that I cry myself to … Continue reading

05. October 2015 by tjsjohanna
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Smiles and Tears

Last weekend I drove out to Utah for the wedding of my niece.  It doesn’t really matter that I’ve made this trip so many times in the past, or that even in the past year I’ve made it a half … Continue reading

20. September 2015 by tjsjohanna
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The Other Side

Back when Tom had his surgery I wrote a little about his diabetes and how it hadn’t seemed like a big deal for most of our marriage. Tonight I started thinking about that. A few years ago Tom had a … Continue reading

31. January 2015 by tjsjohanna
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An Amazing Miracle

There’s a lot of lists out there about what to do and what not to do when someone dies – how to talk to someone who has lost a loved one, how to help, what is most appreciated.  I have … Continue reading

26. January 2015 by tjsjohanna
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Will Shovel Snow for a Home Cooked Meal

Read that title tongue-in-cheek (but not really!)  I’ve shoveled snow 4 or 5 times this weeks and you would think I’d be sick of it, but honestly, I would rather spend an hour or two moving snow than figure out … Continue reading

04. January 2015 by tjsjohanna
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My Grief Observed

In a nod to the incomparable C.S. Lewis, whose book A Grief Observed I recently read, I thought I’d write about some of the things I have experienced the past twenty-five days.  How I have grieved has been surprising to me, though … Continue reading

25. September 2014 by tjsjohanna
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Merry Christmas!

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m still in bed in my pjs at almost 10am. It’s so nice to just be lazy after the last minute rush to get to Christmas. Though this has been my best December personally … Continue reading

26. December 2012 by Johanna
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