I Must Post ….

I’ve been trying to post more regularly in the hopes that the few readers out there will keep checking back – but what to say when nothing has really been happening?? Tom has solved that issue by blogging only about current events and things that he finds absurd. Suffice it to say, I’m not as clever.
Things I have enjoyed this summer:

– the fairly regular clouding up and even raining in the late afternoon. Everything is still pretty green, and the grasses have been amazingly beautiful this year (or at least it seems to me). I even went and tried to take pictures – but I missed many of the varieties at their peak. Watching all the various kinds of seed heads, swaying in waves of movement – beautiful! I did go out and cut some grasses and cattails and now have a very nice dried grasses arrangement in a couple of large pots (thanks, Mom & Dad for the really impressive pot!) – and it only cost me the price of a couple of bricks of that dried green foam that you can stick stems into.

– watching the Harry Potter movies again. It was really fun to watch them in succession and see the various child actors get older and get better at the craft. Plus, the story just gets so interesting over time. Though many fans get upset when their favorite parts of the books are left out of the movies, I think the screenwriters have done an amazing job focusing in on the storylines that are most interesting and make the best movies. Just my opinion. Enjoying the latest installment, particularly since Spencer still likes Harry Potter and we can enjoy it together!

– going camping – which we just did for the first time this year this weekend. Unbelievably, this is the first time since we moved here to Colorado that I have camped in this state. Mostly we’ve camped over in Utah with family, but thanks to Andrew & Sarah, we actually broke out the equipment and headed 30 minutes or so into the mountains near our home and set up the tent. It was a lot of fun, leaking air mattresses and annoying children aside. Just when I think I’ve relaxed my standards enough not to be bothered, those pesky children take it up a notch!! The food was excellent (Tom & Andrew & Sarah did awesomely!) and the weather was perfect. Too bad I didn’t get any pictures.

– warm feet. This is a perennial, because summer is the only time of the year when they are warm and I take full advantage of this fact by going barefoot or wearing sandals all the time. The only bad thing about going camping was that I had to put on tennis shoes (although there were some among us – I won’t name names – who wore their flip-flops. Next time I’m doing the same!)

– not having to use the air-conditioner. It’s amazing how a little cloud cover or rain will cool a house right down. Plus Tom thinks our new windows have really helped with the heat thing. So that’s a plus for all the aggravation of installation.

Well – there’s the post. Thanks for reading!!

25. July 2009 by Johanna
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